The Art Doll

Dwi Saptono

Having the Hand, the Mind and the Soul of an artist, his world was filled with enormous amount of pieces in many art forms.

‘What haven’t I done?’ as he curious to explore new form of art he would like to endeavor. At the end, with so many pieces he crafted since his early 20s, he confessed that there is nothing more joyful, enchanting experience than to create something so beautiful that had him infatuated deeply for his works. And that be, the art of doll making.

The Dolls

Innocent, playful, adorable are the things you’ll perceive when you wander through his collections. You might even describe them, as ‘sights for sore eyes’ without any exaggeration feels necessary. It’s the glimpse of a peaceful yet naïve look on the face of each doll, leads us to believe that there is love and peace amongst us in the universe. What could be more important than that?

Indonesia, where the artist was born and raised, with so many cultures that varies, as well had inspired the majority of his dolls. ‘Each of them has different eyes, nose, and lips. Each of them is uniquely fascinating!’ His dolls certainly speaks the same. (Visualize his quotation).